Scotts Valley Movers

At Santa Cruz Movers, we’ve worked for more than 30 years to secure our reputation as the most trusted moving business in Scotts Valley. Our full-service, locally-operated and owned company provides our customers with a friendly and professional experience time and time again. From local relocation to business moves, storage to cross-country moves, our professional movers have you covered!

Our expert-level, friendly movers work hard to exemplify our reputation as the best movers in Scotts Valley. Each mover you’ll encounter is insured, professionally trained, and licensed. First-class moving services begin the moment we pull into your driveway. We promise accurate quotes and affordable rates, and we’ll always do our best to exceed your expectations. We want to show you just how much we respect you, your home, your budget, and your belongings.

As you get to know us, we think you’ll see why we’ve thrived in the Scotts Valley community since the 1980’s. This family business places a great deal of focus on giving back to our local community. We proudly support a number of charities. We also have a strong relationship with many local realtors, who frequently recommend our humble business to their clients. Built on integrity, honesty, and faith, we guarantee transparency and reliability.


Our all-inclusive Scotts Valley moving service menu includes free padding and stretch wrapping, because we want your breakable items and furniture to be fully protected. Your belongings and your home will be just as meticulously put-together as they were when we arrived! Call us today, and we think you’ll quickly learn why we are the most reputable and trustworthy moving company in Scotts Valley, California!

Moving Services

Local Moves

Whether you’re moving your business to a bigger and better local facility or you’re moving from one Scotts Valley home to another, your local movers at Santa Cruz Movers are here to help. Our expert movers are familiar with the entire Scotts Valley area, and they love to help members of our community feel right at home. If you need a moving contractor to pack your home, or if you’re just searching for a local moving company to handle the loading, unloading, and placement of your treasured items, look no further than our affordable and meticulous local business.

Long-Distance Moves

When it’s time to embark on a long-distance move, many things come to mind. You’ll soon find yourself getting used to a new space, making new friends, exploring the area, and maybe even starting another job – your to-do list is probably extensive! Allow us to check an item off of that ever-growing list. Our long-distance movers always treat your furniture and belongings with care to ensure safe, on-time arrival.

Cheap movers in Scotts Valley are hard to come by, but you’ll probably be surprised to learn that the most cost-effective moving company in the area is also the most reliable! Our long-distance moving services will make you rethink everything you’ve ever experienced with other moving companies. Moving long-distance can be complicated. The longer the journey, the more potential for damage to your precious belongings in the moving truck. Making your timeline a priority, we’ll move your entire home and get it unloaded safely. Settling into your brand new home is sure to be an easy and enjoyable process when you choose our local moving company!

Senior Moving

The last thing we want is for senior citizens in the Scotts Valley community to feel stressed or nervous about a move. From downsizing to relocating to a retirement community, our respectful, affordable movers are eager to help. Our hassle-free moving services ensure that you will have nothing to worry about as you move to your new home. We offer free estimates, and we even provide full-service packing, if you so choose.

We’ve been helping seniors move for over 30 years. Our time-honored moving service does things the old-fashioned way – with expertise, timeliness, and respect. You can rest assured that your furniture and belongings will reach their destination safely and on time.

Sadly, some moving companies attempt to take advantage of seniors. You’ll never encounter that problem with our moving services. We understand fixed incomes and budgetary concerns. Our free estimates guarantee the lowest prices in Scotts Valley, and you’ll never be charged unexpected fees. Let us show you why senior citizens in Scotts Valley love and recommend Santa Cruz Movers!

Business Moving

Your growing business should be a source of pride and excitement. Don’t let a poorly-planned move derail that joy! The team at Santa Cruz Movers is always thrilled to see another local business succeed. Our movers in Scotts Valley will welcome you into the community with diligence, efficiency, and timeliness. Your move will be the most seamless move of your life with our affordable services. We’ll have your building or office relocated at a surprisingly rapid rate! Call us to get a free quote on your upcoming business move.


From downsizing to storing your household possessions during a renovation and beyond, storage is a convenient and necessary solution. Perhaps you need long-term storage, or maybe you just need a temporary solution to your storage problem. Reach out to Santa Cruz Movers today, where we’ll have you set up with a storage unit in no time!

Our safe and insured facility is capable of handling all your storage needs, whether you need to store a few boxes or you have a large quantity of crates to house. Our Scotts Valley storage facility offers cheap and secure storage for all your most prized belongings. Pest-free, full-service storage is just a phone call away!

Home Moving

Let’s face it – some people truly dread the moving process. Even if you’ve found your dream home or you’re moving to your favorite Scotts Valley, moving can be overwhelming. Let us take care of the hard part so you can enjoy the fun part – exploring the Scotts Valley area and personalizing your new space! Packing up and moving can be time-consuming, but your local moving service in Scotts Valley is here to help!

Santa Cruz Movers has spent over 30 years helping our thousands of dear clients move safely and affordably. You deserve friendliness, professionalism, and a great deal of care – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from our five-star moving service! If you’re hoping for a low-stress, enjoyable move, look no further than our humble family business. Our service offering includes cost-effective loading, unloading, and packing services. Every move comes standard with free padding and stretch wrapping as well! We can’t wait to help you embark on an exciting new adventure in Scotts Valley.


Your Moving Checklist

Throughout every step of the moving process, organization is key. Moving has a reputation for causing stress, but if you follow a strategic timeline, hire Santa Cruz Movers, and prepare thoroughly, it can actually be quite seamless.

A Month or Two Ahead of the Move

Hire your movers. To benefit from the most competitive pricing, extensive availability, and our exceptional service on your moving day, we recommend getting in touch with Santa Cruz Movers in advance.

Schedule your utilities and other services for cancellation. Inform your garbage and recycling service, internet service, electric company, propane and/or gas company, and other utility services of your move date, provide them with an updated address, and confirm that your service will be terminated on the appropriate day.

Reach out to the appropriate parties. If you’re renting, consult your lease agreement for notice requirements and notify your landlord accordingly. If you own a home with an HOA, take the initiative to inform them.

Change your address. You’ll need to change your address with medical and dental providers, employers, banks, delivery services, educators, creditors, USPS, accountants, and subscription services. Don’t forget to inform the Social Security Administration, tell your family and friends, and change the address on your voter registration as well.

Think through the details. Is your freezer stocked with food that should be consumed before the move? Do you have an adequate supply of moving supplies? Will your movers require a parking permit at your current or future address? Pondering these details now will prove valuable in the coming weeks.

Assess your furniture. Some pieces of furniture may be ideal for your new home, but others may be too large or small. Determine whether to include each piece of indoor and outdoor furniture in your move.

Begin packing. If you aren’t taking advantage of Santa Cruz Movers’ packing services, kickstart the packing process with items like decor, off-season clothing, and other non-essentials.

Start sorting through your stuff. The best time to get rid of unneeded items is before a move. You don’t want to deal with any unwanted items after your move.

Schedule time off. Once you have your moving date confirmed, block off your personal and professional calendars for that day (or ideally, a few days). Make arrangements for the care of pets and young children to guarantee that you can fully concentrate on the move.

The Week of the Move

Inform your neighbors. If there’s a possibility that your move could affect your neighbors’ daily routines in any way, it’s a thoughtful gesture to communicate with them.

Pack any remaining items. As previously stated, if you hired us to pack your home, you can skip this step – otherwise, it’s time to wrap up packing. Choose a spot for all the things you’ll need right away.

Confirm utility and internet set-up. Contact your internet provider and utility companies to avoid potential service disruptions. Make it a point to jot down all the appointment times for future reference.

Confirm the move. Place a call to Santa Cruz Movers to clarify the particulars, verify the ongoing schedule of your move, and address any last-minute inquiries.

Get your old home in tip-top shape. Whether you hire a cleaning service or do it yourself, this step will come in handy when your busy move diverts your attention (and effort) away from your former home.

The Day Before the Move

Think through the day ahead. Ensure you have a clear understanding of when your movers are scheduled to arrive, your wake-up time, meal arrangements, and your tasks throughout the day. Top off your car’s gas tank to prepare for the day ahead.

The Day of the Move

Check and secure your former home. On your way out, double-check that every room is empty, all lights are turned out, all windows are closed, and all locks are secure.

Return your keys. If you were a tenant in your former home, return the keys to your landlord. If you were the homeowner, coordinate the handover of keys with the new owner or their real estate agent.

Prioritize self-care. Eat and stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your energy levels up. Have drinks and snacks on hand for family and friends.

Oversee everything. Check your property thoroughly to confirm nothing has been left behind, remain accessible for any inquiries the movers may have, and place your personal belongings in your vehicle to eliminate the need for later retrieval.

Settle in and savor the moment! Following your successful move, it’s the perfect time to embrace your new surroundings. Decorate, rejoice, and fall in love with your new space!

Call Santa Cruz Movers today at (831) 600-5747 and let us make your next move easy and stress-free!