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Thank you for considering Santa Cruz Movers for your moving or storage needs! At Santa Cruz Movers, we have spent more than 30 years building a strong reputation as trustworthy, reliable, and professional movers in the beautiful La Selva Beach area. We strive to earn your repeat business by providing friendly, top-notch service time and time again. From cross-country moves to local relocations, commercial moves to storage needs, Santa Cruz Movers is here to help!


Our expert-level, friendly movers work hard to exemplify our reputation as the best movers in La Selva Beach. Each mover you’ll encounter is insured, professionally trained, and licensed. First-class moving services begin the moment we pull into your driveway. We promise accurate quotes and affordable rates, and we’ll always do our best to exceed your expectations. We want to show you just how much we respect you, your home, your budget, and your belongings.


When you do business with us, we want to continue the legacy we established back in the 1980s. Our family business was founded on faith, integrity, and honesty. We think it’s important to give back to several charities, and we are honored to be recommended by a number of local realtors. We will always be transparent and reliable.


We offer an all-inclusive menu of moving services to meet your every need. Complimentary stretch wrap and padding come standard with every move, because we value the items you value. When you arrive at your new home, everything will be in perfect condition. Call our reputable moving company in La Selva Beach, California today and allow us to earn your business!

Moving Services

Local Moves


Whether you’re moving your business to a bigger and better local facility or you’re moving from one La Selva Beach home to another, your local movers at Santa Cruz Movers are here to help. Our expert movers are familiar with the entire La Selva Beach area, and they love to help members of our community feel right at home. If you need a moving contractor to pack your home, or if you’re just searching for a local moving company to handle the loading, unloading, and placement of your treasured items, look no further than our affordable and meticulous local business.


Senior Moving


We never want any senior citizen in La Selva Beach to be nervous or stressed about an impending move. Our team of courteous and cheap movers will help you through any relocation. With a hassle-free and extensive menu of moving services, we promise to make your move worry-free. We also provide free estimates and packing services.


We have spent the last 30+ years helping the senior citizens of La Selva Beach with their moving needs. Our established moving service takes an old-fashioned approach to customer service, focusing on respect, punctuality, and professionalism. Your belongings will always be safe in our hands.


Unfortunately, there are moving companies who will try to take advantage of people. At Santa Cruz Movers, you won’t ever come across that issue. We respect your budget, and we know you may have a fixed income to consider. Get a free estimate today, which guarantees the best prices in La Selva Beach. We won’t ever sneak an unexpected fee into your bill. We love the seniors of La Selva Beach, and we think you’ll love us right back!




From downsizing to storing your household possessions during a renovation and beyond, storage is a convenient and necessary solution. Perhaps you need long-term storage, or maybe you just need a temporary solution to your storage problem. Reach out to Santa Cruz Movers today, where we’ll have you set up with a storage unit in no time!


Our safe and insured facility is capable of handling all your storage needs, whether you need to store a few boxes or you have a large quantity of crates to house. Our La Selva Beach storage facility offers cheap and secure storage for all your most prized belongings. Pest-free, full-service storage is just a phone call away!


Home Moving


Let’s face it – some people truly dread the moving process. Even if you’ve found your dream home or you’re moving to your favorite La Selva Beach, moving can be overwhelming. Let us take care of the hard part so you can enjoy the fun part – exploring the La Selva Beach area and personalizing your new space! Packing up and moving can be time-consuming, but your local moving service in La Selva Beach is here to help!


Santa Cruz Movers has spent over 30 years helping our thousands of dear clients move safely and affordably. You deserve friendliness, professionalism, and a great deal of care – and that’s exactly what you’ll get from our five-star moving service! If you’re hoping for a low-stress, enjoyable move, look no further than our humble family business. Our service offering includes cost-effective loading, unloading, and packing services. Every move comes standard with free padding and stretch wrapping as well! We can’t wait to help you embark on an exciting new adventure in La Selva Beach.


Long-Distance Moves


When you’re moving long-distance, there are lots of things to think about. Familiarizing yourself with a new area, starting a new job, meeting new people, and settling into a new home – that’s a long to-do list! Let us take a big task off your plate and help you complete your move carefully and efficiently. Our long-distance movers treat your belongings like their own, ensuring that each item arrives safely.


You might not expect cheap movers in La Selva Beach to provide five-star service, but you’ll get the most affordable and professional long-distance moving services from Santa Cruz Movers! Long-distance moves are particularly tricky because unpredictable road conditions can cause damage to the boxes and furniture inside the moving truck. With your valuable time in mind, we’ll get your move completed and your items unloaded without incident. Getting settled in your new home will be quick and easy with help from our local moving company!


Business Moving


Your growing business should be a source of pride and excitement. Don’t let a poorly-planned move derail that joy! The team at Santa Cruz Movers is always thrilled to see another local business succeed. Our movers in La Selva Beach will welcome you into the community with diligence, efficiency, and timeliness. Your move will be the most seamless move of your life with our affordable services. Our La Selva Beach moving service will have your building or office relocated at a surprisingly rapid rate. Call us to get a free quote on your upcoming business move!


Your Moving Checklist

When it comes to moving, remaining organized is critical. Moving may be known for being stressful, but if you plan ahead of time, hire Santa Cruz Movers, and prepare well, it can actually be surprisingly easy.

A Month or Two Ahead of the Move

Begin packing your belongings. If you aren’t using Santa Cruz Movers’ packing services, begin by packing items such as decor, out-of-season apparel, and other non-essentials.

Take some time off. Clear some time on your personal and business calendars to focus on the move. Arrange for the care of young children and pets to guarantee that you can give your move the focused attention it requires.

Reach out to the appropriate parties. If you’re renting, ensure that you adhere to the agreed-upon notice period and have a conversation with your landlord. If you’re a homeowner, notify your HOA, if you have one.

Hire your movers. To secure the most affordable pricing and ensure availability, we urge you to reach out to Santa Cruz Movers at your earliest convenience so we can guarantee our services for your upcoming moving day.

Schedule your utilities and other services for cancellation. You should notify your electric company, internet provider, gas and/or propane company, trash and recycling service, and other utility services of your specific moving date, ensure that your service will be terminated on the correct date, and provide the business with your new address.

Begin sorting through your possessions. Before a move, it is best to get rid of unnecessary items. This will spare you the task of dealing with excess possessions after the move.

Assess your furniture. Some furniture might be perfect for your new place, while other items might be too big or small to work in the new space. Make a thoughtful decision about whether to move each item, both indoors and outdoors.

Finalize the specifics. Is your freezer packed with food that needs to be consumed before the move? Do you have all the supplies you need? Will the movers require a parking permit at your new or old residence? Take a walkthrough of your home and make note of these minor, but important details.

Change your address. Your address needs to be changed with employers, delivery and subscription services, creditors, accountants, medical and dental providers, banks, educators, and USPS. Don’t forget to notify the Social Security Administration and DMV, change your address on your voter registration, and, of course, tell your friends and family.

The Week of the Move

Confirm utility and internet set-up. Call your utility companies and internet provider to avoid unexpected service interruptions. Take note of all your appointments.

Get your old home in tip-top shape. Whether you opt for a cleaning service or tackle the job yourself, this step will be invaluable when the whirlwind of the move shifts your focus (and energy) to your new home.

Pack any remaining items. Like we mentioned before, you can skip this step if you’ve hired us to pack your home – but if not, it’s time to finish packing. Identify a specific area for items that will be needed right away.

Confirm your move. Contact Santa Cruz Movers to confirm details about when your movers will arrive and to confirm that you are still set to move on time.

Let your neighbors know. If there’s a chance your move might interfere with your neighbors’ lives in any way, it’s a good idea to let them know.

The Day Before the Move

Get ready for the important day ahead. Consider logistical aspects, such as your locations at different stages of the move, your readiness time, the anticipated arrival time of your movers, and your meal arrangements. Verify that your car has sufficient fuel.

The Day of the Move

Return your keys. If you were a renter, return the keys to your landlord. If you were a homeowner, arrange for a hand-off to the new owner or their real estate agent.

Oversee every detail. Place personal items in your car, be present to provide guidance to the movers, and perform a walkthrough of your home to confirm everything gets loaded.

Check and lock your old place. On your way out, double-check that every room is empty, all lights are turned out, all windows are closed, and all locks are secure.

Take care of yourself. Staying hydrated and fueled throughout the day can help you maintain your momentum. Have snacks and beverages at the ready for any visiting friends or family members.

Settle in and savor the moment! Following your successful move, it’s the perfect time to embrace your new surroundings. Decorate, rejoice, and fall in love with your new space!

Call Santa Cruz Movers today at (831) 600-5747 and let us make your next move easy and stress-free!